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Welcome to the Department of Zoology

B.Sc. in Zoology is a three-year undergraduate programme encompassing aspects of scientific knowledge about animal science. The programme includes biological aspects of both living as well as extinct animals.
Under this programme students will develop adequate knowledge of Environmental Management Biodiversity Studies and Ecosystem Monitoring. B.Sc. Zoology will also expose students to scientific methods of acquiring testing and characterising the anatomy of animals.
In addition this programme will also introduce students to the genetic evolution and the conditions necessary for the animals to sustain in the natural environment. The programme is equally balanced with both theoretical and practical sessions which will provide students the hands-on experience.  
B.Sc. Zoology is inclined towards modern technology which will enable students to opt for any specialisation course post-B.Sc. like biotechnology endocrinology immunology applied zoology and wildlife science. Interested aspirants can further advance their learning by enrolling for higher education in Zoology.


This course is for individuals who are...


Passionate to interact with and register observations from animal ecosystems. It is for those students who seek in-depth knowledge of animal evolution, their development and their behaviour.


Students we are looking for...


Individuals with a strong will to address the causes of habitat loss, disease and climate change. Curious and keen to learn individuals are the best fit.

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