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The Department of Zoology offers  six- semester graduate course  and four semester postgraduate course in Zoology with Fishery Biology as specialization


Programme Outcomes


B.Sc Zoology

M.Sc Zoology

Board of Studies (BoS)


Being an Autonomous Institution, the College has a Board of Studies to ensure the proper and smooth functioning of the academic matters. The following are the functions of the Board of Studies:


  • Prepare the curriculum for various courses keeping in view the objectives of the College;
  • Suggest a panel of names to the Controller of Examinations for appointment of question paper setters and examiners;
  • Co-ordinate research, teaching, extension and any other academic activity in the department or college;
  • Suggest methodologies for innovative teaching and evaluation techniques;
  • Monitor teaching, learning in the College through assessment of learners’ performance and suggest improvement / modification on the basis of such assessment;
  • Change, modify / improve the curriculum in a subject, if necessary, after assessment of learner's performance, teachers' opinions and new developments in the subject.  


Members of BoS
Dr A Akhila Thomas
Associate Professor & Head
Department of Zoology
FMNC, Kollam

Dr Lawrence Harold
Managing Director
Matsyafed, Govt of Kerala

Arjun S Nair
Marketing Manager
India Food Exports
Alumni Representative

Dr K B Padmakumar
Assistant Professor
Marine Biology

Dr G Prasad
HOD, Department of Zoology
University of Kerala, Karyavattom

Dr B Santhosh
Principal Scientist
CMFRI, Kochi 

Faculty Members

Ms Nisha Thomas P (Assistant Professor and HOD)

Dr Sarlin P J (Associate Professor)

Dr. Vijayasree A S (Assistant Professor)

Dr. Soshina Nathan (Assistant Professor)

Dr. Manju Sebastine (Assistant Professor)

Dr. Sr. Rose Gregoria (Assistant Professor)

Dr. Dafina Wilfred (Assistant Professor)


The meeting of the members of the Board of Studies is held as and when required.